Welcome to retrolution.dk

Retrolution is all about the love and passion for vintage design, long lost and forgotten items! Primarily Danish Design in all shapes and sizes - but all nationalities are welcome!

My name is Kenneth Kjær-Jensen, I’m a web designer + webmaster at www.dhigroup.com. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark - and I’ve been collecting basically everything cool and kitsch for more than 10 years.

This blog will be my digital “schaufenster” where you can press your nose against the screen and take a trip down memory lane! I’ll be displaying some of the weird and wonderful items from my attic and things gathered at the local garage sale. Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “Welcome to retrolution.dk”

  1. nr1 Says:

    Bonjour Mr. Kenneth - how much for the Renault 4 Poster?

  2. kenneth Says:

    Hi nr1 - thanks for the comment, the Renault 4 poster isnt for sale i’m affraid, since its been glued to my wall :-) But I have still got the Renault 5 poster if interested - check it here:


    It measures 145×115cm - and is in good condition

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