Kay Bojesen Policemen

Kay Bojesen (1886-1958) trained as a silversmith at Georg Jensen in 1906. A few years later, he would open his own shop in Bredgade in central Copenhagen. Although he never gave up working in metal, he started making toys for his son in the 1920s. In 1932, he publicly introduced building blocks, which were plain and simple and beautifully made. Soon after came the incredible “Manhattan” skyscraper building set. Then it was on; he cranked out animals and human figures, amazing hand-turned bowls and platters, trains, cars and a farm set. The most famous of his toys, the teak monkey, was not made until 1951.

These 5 policemen might be part of the huge Kay Bojesen production range of wooden toys - I will contact an auction house to have it confirmed.

Kay Bojesen Policemen?

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    Cool! Its really cool….

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