Vintage 1970’s Danish Tin-tin money bank

Great Tin-tin money bank in very nice condition - complete with original lock and keys. Not really that rare, but still a lovely colorful piece which reminds me of my childhood! Thou my bank didn’t give out this type, but the dull Rasmus Klump money bank - but now I finally got one :-)

Tin-tin money bank

6 Responses to “Vintage 1970’s Danish Tin-tin money bank”

  1. artLtx Says:

    Awwww, its awesome…:) - I wish my bank handed out this kind of money banks…:)

  2. kenneth Says:

    Yeah it’s really cool! And btw. welcome aboard artLtx! :-)

  3. artLtx Says:

    Thanks alot..:) Im the same artLtx as the one on QXL…:) Im bidding on your SX-70 later :) Very amazing and cool site you got here…:)

  4. kenneth Says:

    Ah yes, the nick name sounded familiar :-) Btw. the blog is just a plain wordpress setup with a little custom design - but the photos are my own :-)

  5. artLtx Says:

    Ya, I know about the wordpress, but you photos and the color-setup is great..:)

  6. kenneth Says:

    Ah thank - and btw. impressive what you can do in Photoshop :-)

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