Original 1950’s Volvo 544 + VW van sales brochures

These vintage brochures are true graphical gems from the 1950’s when car illustrations wasn’t drawn in Illustrator or 3DSMAX but by hand!

I got hold of a bunch of old car sales material - everything from Morris Metro to MG and VW. A few pamphlet are remarkable better drawn than the rest - especially the two VW van booklets with 22 colorful pages and truly awesome illustration, but also the Volvo 544 got great images and illustration. I high res scanned all pages from the Volvo and VW brochures, and was planing to use the illustrations in graphical design - first of all just desktops but some are very suitable for etc. t-shirt print!

Below is an example of the smooth illustrations from the VW brochure! I also made a quick and dirty 4bit (8 color) desktop for your PC which can be downloaded here - it’s made up of MG, Volvo, Morris Metro and VW images.

Vintage 1950's VW illustration

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