Rare Rolleiflex 3,5F3 i original metal box

Found this nice camera on a local garage sale - I had absolutely no knowledge about this camera, and just bought it out of curiosity. I got quite surprised when I returned home and checked eBay for similar items!

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  1. artLtx Says:

    I simply love this camera..! Rolleiflex by the German company Rollei is known to be high-end medium format twin lens reflex cameras…:) But Im not sure that this camera is a “Rolleiflex 3,5F3″, because they are either called “Rolleiflex 3,5F” or “Rolleiflex 3,5 E3″…:)

  2. kenneth Says:

    You have much more knowledge about these old cameras than I do :D I just bought it because it looked extremely cool and undoubtedly was quality way above standard for it’s time. Unfortunately I wasn’t even able to test it due to my lack of knowledge - but the buyer, and older gentleman and collector was very happy about it, so I was too :-)

  3. artLtx Says:

    I sure do..:) - I love that old sh**! ;) That is also why Im very interested in your SX-70.. Indeed a sweeeeeet camera :) Im bidding on it later..

  4. kenneth Says:

    Cool! You’re more than welcome to join the bidding - as far as I can see from my QXL settings 3 persons are watching the auction :-)

    Btw. you familiar with the website http://www.sx70.dk ? I can’t mention it in my auction text on QXL, but here I can :-)

  5. artLtx Says:

    The two persons who are already bidding on the auction, are new people on QXL, so I hope that I have got an advantage…:)
    Yes, I am familiar with the website.. One of my friends is a very dedicated photographer too.. http://www.steenfagerberg.com, but the SX-70-polaroids can be seen at http://steenfagerberg.com/sx70polas.htm :)

  6. kenneth Says:

    wow! goddamn some nice photos! Guess I shouldn’t have sold this fine SX70 after all! :)

  7. artLtx Says:

    Too bad it wasn’t to me… Public transportation from the hospital destroyed it for me..

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