Legendary Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bass Line

Words should be unnecessary! This is without doubt a legendary piece of retro equipment, which deserves an absolute front row in my personal electronic collection! Never the less - I plan on selling my TB303 on eBay in near future!

The 303 synthesizer was introduced in the early 1980’s and production was stopped after just 18 months - allowing only 10.000 units to leave the Roland factories in Japan!

Don’t know how a TB-303 sounds? Check out “Phuture’s Acid Trax” from 1987 - one of the first (if not the first) acid house tracks to use the charecteristic 303 bass line.

Update: My 303 has now been sold! Before it was shipped to a collector in the UK, I created a “memorial” desktop image of the 303 together with a pair of late 1970’s Hosiden headphones - download the 1280×1024 pixel desktop image here

Roland TB-303 Bass line

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