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Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong - the most popular image of!

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Seems like my old picture of the classic orange Donkey Kong is the all time most popular image of my website!

In September 2008 the image was downloaded almost 3000 times both directly from the website, but primarily from Google images and referring sites.

Try google Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong, and the image show among the first 10 hits! Also a lot of other sites have copied the image, which means the same image is shown several times from different sites! Neat!

Now the old picture was absolutely no beauty - actually it’s way to dark and fuzzy, so I finally took the 30 seconds to shoot a new and better picture, and overwrite the old.

This time making sure the image is also large enough to fit a 1280×1024 desktop - feel free to use it, if you wish.
Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong DK-52

Visual step by step guide to fixing your blinking Nintendo NES

Friday, March 7th, 2008

I had to write this document; it was a sort of mental recovery, as I cannot recall how many blinking NES machines I have discarded over the past years.

For a long time, I thought there were no cure for the well known blinking illness of the old beloved Nintendo Entertainment System machines - I’ve now learned different.

My document is inspired by other guides on the same subject - but I wanted to add something extra, the visual part of large images documenting every step of the process - from taking the machine apart, to fixing it and reassembling the pieces again.

So here it is - feel free to download my guide here (4.1mb PDF)

NES Nintendo Entertainment System

Rare Danish ‘Terminator’ hand grenade joystick

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Here’s an interesting and rather different piece of 1980’s ‘Danish design’!

Terminator - The ultimate Joystick, as the box claim! Shaped as a hand grenade, build in hard and heavy plastic with real metal handle, grip and split! Pretty politically incorrect now a days, but this item was designed in the mid 80’s for the Commodore 64 era :-)

MINT in original box - part of my own collection.

Terminator - The ultimate joystick for etc. Commodore 64

Milton Bradley Super Simon - Early Eletronic Multiplayer Game

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Simon was originally launched in late 1978 by Milton Bradley, and was the must-have toy for Christmas that year. Super Simon was released 2 years later in 1980, and as something completely new introduced electronic interactive multiplay!

The various version of Simon were extremely popular and sold in millions - in fact they were so popular that they even showed up in early 1980’s movies! Super Simon have e.g. been spotted in “Lampoon’s Vacation” and “E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial”

Mine is MINT, in original box - I picked it up at the local scout flea market for $1!

Milton Bradley Super Simon

Cool 1980’s Atari badges!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Admitted - this is a bit geekish! But never the less, I really like these original Atari badges from the early 80’s. I’m pretty sure they were handed out as souvenirs, to go along an Atari 2600 marketing campaign. Not for sale.
Vintage Atari badges - Phoenix + Ms. Pac-man

Rare MBO Color Teleball TV-game MIB

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

All MINT MBO TV-game - complete in original box with boxed games! This set was given away to an upcoming collector, planing to arrange a public presentation of vintage TV and handheld games!

Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong 1982

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

The immortal orange Donkey Kong was one of the best selling Game & Watch hand held games durring the early 80’s. The game is still a nice collectors item, eventhou it was sold in several millions just in Scandinavia.

The Nintendo Game & Watch series included around 60 different model produced in a period of over 10 years from 1980 to 1991! My collection still isn’t complete - I still need around 5 or 6 games - the rare models ofcourse! If you’re interested in trading / selling Game & Watch - please do contact me at

I picked up this game at a local garage sale, its complete with serial number, battery cover and most important intact closing hasp - it will be added to my personal collection.

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