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Rare 1950’s Nilus 8mm projector

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

This is the rare red version of the Nilus 8mm silent projector from the 1950’s.

Mine is in near-mint condition with original warranty card from Illum anno 1959! Extremely futuristic design and bold red color, not at all very common for it’s time, and compared to other projectors from the same period!

Red Nilus 8mm silent projector

Nintendo Ten Billion Barrels

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

The Nintendo Ten Billion Barrels was designed by Gumpei Yokoi in 1980, almost a decade before he designed the famous Nintendo GameBoy. This game is very similar to professor Ernõ Rubik’s infamous “Magic Cube” originally from 1974 (renamed Rubik’s Cube by Ideal Toys in 1980) but the Ten Billion Barrels is much much harder to solve.

The puzzle has 23 colored balls arranged in five columns spaced evenly around the sides of the barrel. The barrel itself has six rows. Two (nonadjacent) columns have only 4 balls, which lie in the middle four rows. The other three columns have 5 balls, and the extra balls either lie all in the top row or all in the bottom row. The black central core can move up or down, and that moves those three columns along with it. The middle four rows lie in two discs, which can rotate. By rotating a disc, the balls in the two rows it contains are moved around to the other columns. The aim is to place four balls of the same colour in each of the five columns, with the three black balls filling up the top of the longer columns. See more at

Mine is near MINT and in original box!

Nintendo Ten Billion Barrels!

Original 1950’s Volvo 544 + VW van sales brochures

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

These vintage brochures are true graphical gems from the 1950’s when car illustrations wasn’t drawn in Illustrator or 3DSMAX but by hand!

I got hold of a bunch of old car sales material - everything from Morris Metro to MG and VW. A few pamphlet are remarkable better drawn than the rest - especially the two VW van booklets with 22 colorful pages and truly awesome illustration, but also the Volvo 544 got great images and illustration. I high res scanned all pages from the Volvo and VW brochures, and was planing to use the illustrations in graphical design - first of all just desktops but some are very suitable for etc. t-shirt print!

Below is an example of the smooth illustrations from the VW brochure! I also made a quick and dirty 4bit (8 color) desktop for your PC which can be downloaded here - it’s made up of MG, Volvo, Morris Metro and VW images.

Vintage 1950's VW illustration

Vintage KLM Transatlantic Flying Dutchman poster

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Here one of several vintage posters I bought - most posters are 1940’s to 1960’s classic Danish transport themes etc. DSB (Danish Railroad Service) and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), but also this very nice vintage KLM Flying Dutchman poster! All 8 posters can be seen here

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