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Vintage 1970’s Danish Tin-tin money bank

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Great Tin-tin money bank in very nice condition - complete with original lock and keys. Not really that rare, but still a lovely colorful piece which reminds me of my childhood! Thou my bank didn’t give out this type, but the dull Rasmus Klump money bank - but now I finally got one :-)

Tin-tin money bank

Extremely rare japanese mini 8mm TV-X Projector from the 1960’s

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Bought this beauty at a local garage sale last weekend - complete in original box including a bunch of 1960’s cartoon and horror movies! Uses 6 large batteries and movie reels are attached on the back of the projector - build in tin and plastic, great design if you ask me! Could have been something from The Jetsons! This item is not for sale - got more information about it? Please post here, or write

Vintage japanese 8mm TV-X projector!

Vintage Danish glass design from the early 1970’s

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Here’s a part of my personal collection of Holmegaard / Kastrup pop-art opal-glass design. The ‘Palet’ series was designed by Michael Bang around 1970 and was mainly design for household purpose - a large variety of items was born, including everything from vases to bowls, jugs and lamps.

Per Lütken got employed at Holmegaard in 1941 without previous knowledge of glass works. During the late 1960’s and early 70’s he too began designing pop-art opal-glass items - Lütkens collection was entitled ‘Carnaby’ and only included vases, but in wonderful shapes and bright colors. The orange vase on the second row, to the right shown in the picture below is from the Carnaby collection.

Otto Bauer Designed the “bottle vases” for Holmegaard / Kastrup glas - the largest one in my collection is almost 50cm high - extremely rare and not for sale.
Collection of Michael Bang Palet items + Per Lütken Carnaby + Otto Bauer vases

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